Monday, June 23, 2008

Mike Bitton, Mike Bitton, Your Media Credentials Have Arrived

Well lookie here! Took a stroll into Primal Quest headquarters, introduced myself to Media Director Kraig Becker, signed away my life on one waiver, my intellectual property on another, and pow! Got this nifty new necklace that makes me 100% official!


Anonymous said...

Mikey! It's Duncan. I'll be looking to you for the latest haps. Go Kagome! Go DART-nuun!


Mike Bitton said...

Hey D! Great to hear from you! Get the latest on this blog (the blog of my new PR business), the Primal Quest site, and the Merrell Blog, which I'm writing this week at

Anonymous said...

Robin here,
How am I suppose to get any work done now? I have like 10 blogs to read, three websites to look at and leaderboards to study. It was almost easier doing the race than dealing with all this technology.
Ahh looks like something else just got posted. WHat did I miss?

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Am following Team Kagome from the San Francisco Bay Area ... Go Kagome!!!!!!!!!!