Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bitton's Got a nuun active hydration Drinking Problem

Wow! That's a lot of empties! These dozen or so water bottles have been piling up on the floor of the passenger side of my Honda Civic since Monday. Now it's Thursday. I'm off the Diet Coke again, and onto nuun active hydration. That's the electrolyte replacement tablet made by folks in Seattle who don't care that proper nouns are usually capitalized. I love the product! Company founder Tim, who was in Montana for the start of Primal Quest, hooked me up with a few tubes of new flavors. Now I'm field testing them as fast as I can. I honestly feel more energy when I'm properly hydrated. That likely means I'm usually dehydrated. Something to think about.

1 comment:

Hart said...

mikey you are awesome. i'm happy to hear you are finally off the diet coke too!

i have a nuun and u drinking problem for sure as well. it's getting me through lisa smith batchen's ultracamp right now.