Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mann of Primal Quest, Sisler of Zanfel Labs

At the Primal Quest Montana finish line this afternoon, Don Mann, left, handed the microphone over to Steve Sisler of Zanfel Labs. Sisler, who said he didn't even know about adventure racing until a few years ago, spoke of his family's close bond to Merrell/Zanfel Adventure Captain Robyn Benincasa."

"In our house, we call her Auntie Robyn," Steve said. In fact, Steve's 23-year-old daughter, Megan Sisler, has done an adventure race with Robyn.

Steve and his wife Heather arrived in Montana late last week from the family home in Clive, Iowa, to cheer on their team. While Megan couldn't make the trip, some other Sislers did. They include son Nick, 16; and daughters Laura and Julie, ages 13 and 9, respectively.

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Steve Sisler said...

Great article Mike! Thanks for spelling all of the names correctly. The Sisler last name has always been a challenge in the past.

Take care...