Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up With Rich 'King Richard' Milburn

I met Rich four years ago when I volunteered at Karen Lundgren and Paul Romero's West Coast Adventure Racing event in San Diego County. Later that year, Rich and I were students at Karen and Paul's adventure race training camp in Big Bear, Calif. Karen and Paul led us through a 24-hour course design, but it took us 29 hours to finish. After you suffer with someone for so many hours, there's a bond there that's undeniable. Rich volunteers at a lot of races, all over the world. It was great to see him at the remote bike drop on the second afternoon of Primal Quest. Instead of heading to the next TA to spend the night, I decided to stick close to Rich, and his checkpoint assistant Martin Mylet. Rich is still living in L.A., planning his life around adventure rather than work. He got a haircut, which is kinda surprising, and he cleaned up his beard, which is even more surprising. It was great to catch up, Rich. Thanks for the hospitality!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mikey B - who knew we had to keep track of you via a computer from Portland! Really enjoying your blogs and pictures. Wish we were there with you.

Cristina & Scott

Bernice said...


Thanks for the update on my favorite KING!! Glad you guys are having fun. Wish I were ther....oh,,,no...I mean glad I'm not there! Um??? Hhhmmm?? ;-))