Saturday, August 20, 2005

Portland Riverboarders Run Oregon Rapids to Promote Sport in Big Easy

Photo by Mike Bitton
Riverboarders "Ice" (left) and "Docta P" are flushed through a class IV rapid on the Upper Clackamas River, Ore.

"Ice" and "Docta P," two Portland, Ore., adrenaline freaks in dire need of photographic proof of their lunacy, invited me on a riverboarding trip to the Upper Clackamas River. They needed photos for a magazine article that's going to run in a few weeks. It's a small mag based in New Orleans, and I predict its readership will think these two gents are off their respective rockers. After I photographed them shooting class III and IV whitewater for three hours, they invited me to dive on in. I did, and had a white-knucked ride through Carter Falls (sorry, no photos of ME doing this!). Adventure sports photography has led me to many places, and to try many things. This was among the most thrilling, and I will go again.

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~Ice~ said...


It was great having you come with us! You are welcome to come anytime, and we totally are thrilled about the pictures (readers - check out his portfolio to see the riverboarding pics, they rock)! You rode like a champ, too, man, even though your instructor left you hanging in a Class IV! ;-)